Luisa-Maria MacCormack is a practicing artist, art history tutor and drawing tutor currently working in London. Luisa studied for her Foundation Degree at Chelsea College of Art and for her BA at London College of Fashion specialising in Surface Textiles for Fashion Design. She then went on to study with the Royal Drawing School and currently works as a practising artist and freelance art and art history tutor for the London Drawing Group and The Big Art Herstory Project.

Artist’s Statement

For me, the question of identity has always been duplicitous, throughout my life I have maintained multiple identities as visual artist, writer, feminist, activist, and teacher. In all mediums, my work has a tendency towards the duplicitous, and is often cross disciplinary in nature. Above all, my interest lies in forcing the viewer/reader to question their own perception of the world around them, I often attempt to re-author or re-address the pre existing narratives of that world, (so often patriarchal, misogynistic or regressive), poke fun at existing institutions or ask questions where questions need to be asked. Through all my work I explore issues of spirituality, global supernatural and mythic traditions, sexuality, gender, the physicality of the body, belief and the evolution of ritual.

Luisa is also a founding member of the collective The London Drawing Group, a teaching and arts collective run by three practicing female artists, with a focus on providing innovative and affordable art classes in London. LDG has worked with many major institutions in London including the British Museum, Tate Galleries, Bridget Riley Art Foundation, Freud Museum, The National Gallery, Lewisham Arthouse, the Hayward Gallery, Jerwood Gallery Hastings, the Royal British Society of Sculptors, the London Graphic Centre, and many more. 

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Most recently Luisa has founded the ‘Feminist arm’ of the London Drawing Group, The Big Art Herstory Project. The project aims to re-author the patriarchal world of museum and gallery spaces through radical retellings of iconic art historical images. Her classes include Female Sexuality and the Male Gaze, Powerful Women, Witches and Feminine Magick, Sacred Feminine: The Art of the Goddess, Shaman and Ritual: Sacred Feminine 2, The Pre Raphaelite Sisterhood and Hysterical Bodies. For a full list or to book Luisa for a tour please get in touch via the contact page.

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You can also follow Luisa-Maria's work on instagram @luisamariamfineart and @londondrawinggroup for recent works and updates on upcoming events.