Luisa-Maria currently teaches a variety of life-drawing and museum and gallery based classes in London as part of her work for London Drawing Group. Her sell-out "Drawing Tours" are also available for private bookings. Each class is designed to help both professional artists and complete beginners experience the joys of the London galleries and museums in a new way.

Perfect for school-art groups or even as creative team-building days, through these subject-specific guided tours you will draw from the surprising histories and personal stories behind well-known works housed in London’s most iconic buildings, and through the expertise and guidance of Luisa, engage with the paintings in a totally different light.



Female Sexuality and the Male Gaze has been a sell-out class from day one. A day-long immersive workshop held in the National Gallery, London that questions the role of female sexuality in painting through history, explores the nuance of the naked and the nude and how the concept of the 'male gaze' has permeated notions of female sexuality in our collective consciousness. Including introductions to everything from Berger to Mulvey, feminist film theory and women's suffrage and the roles of women in the bible, this is a day that appeals to everyone from english-literature enthusiasts to gender politicians and fine artists. The day will begin with a guided tour around some of the National Gallery’s most dazzling nudes, with in-situ discussions and talks concerning the stories behind the stares. Throughout the afternoon you will be guided through this topic by a series of drawing exercises and techniques that aim to explore the power of the gaze.



Held in London’s National Gallery, Drawing Myths is a class that aims to explore the long and illustrious relationship between Mythology and Art. With a focus on tales from the Greek Myths, we will be leading a guided tour of the gallery introducing you to some of the most famous works it holds, as well as some of its lesser known works, and exploring the myths that inspired them, as well as some of the surprising stories they hold. Through the renaissance to mannerism and up through the baroque and even in to the time of the impressionists, this class explores the age-old allegories and secret codes hidden within paintings, as well as the technical mastery of the construction of narratives within the paintings.Through the morning's talks on both paintings and the myths behind them, expect to see many paintings in a new light, and through the afternoon's guided drawing exercises, to explore the idea of Narrative through drawing. 



Did you know that of the 2300 artists on display at the National Gallery, only 11 are women? Did you know that less than 5% of the artists in the Met Museum's (NY) permanent collection sections are women, but 85% of the nudes are female? Statistics like this exist worldwide in the contemporary art scene and are too often forgotten or overlooked. POWERFUL WOMEN: invites you to step inside London’s Iconic National Gallery with a celebration of powerful female figures throughout history; from Grecian Goddesses to the wonderfully vicious Old Testament heroines, stories of Saints and Martyrs, Witches, Monsters and the too-long-forgotten female artists of the National Gallery. The morning will be made up of a guided tour of the gallery with the afternoon devoted to a curated series of drawing exercises that aim to help you understand and engage with these paintings and stories in new and creative ways.